Firewall Expert SonicWALL Launches SuperMassive

FirewallsMaintaining your network as securely as possible requires several kinds of software, but one of the most vital is a high-quality firewall application.  Firewalls serve to block unauthorized connections to and from internet-connected computers, acting as gatekeepers so that only authorized forms of data flow into an enterprise and users do not inadvertently connect to ports that can be used to route malware or other threats into the network.

SonicWALL, a provider of network security software, is launching a new series of firewalls this week.  The SuperMassive E10000 Series is designed to meet the speed and infrastructure needs of large networks while providing a high level of network security.  The series operates at speeds in the multi-gigabit range, which is essential because today's environment of virtualization and cloud computing heavily relies on always-on connections to the virtual world of the internet. 

The new firewall series should be a boon to IT companies whose employees manage programs for enterprises using large networks.  Dave Parry, who serves as chief technology expert for SonicWALL, recommends the use of SuperMassive for analyzing traffic on such a network.  The firewall can provide data about how users are consuming allocated bandwidth, what sites and applications are generating traffic on the network, and where potential threats may be located. 

Early firewall applications only protected networks when applications such as FTP programs and web browsers made connections.  SuperMassive, however, understands how to handle more than 3,500 separate applications, making it one of the most robust firewalls on the market today.


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