Network Design Project Essentials

Network designIt is an unfortunate fact of life that "hit or miss" approaches to problem solving tend to miss a great deal more than they hit.  Nowhere is this more the case than in the realm of complex technology.  All too often, computer networks are left to more or less grow on their own as needs arise, with systems being purchased at disparate times and added onto the network using whatever means is easiest.  In practice, this results in a network with very little consistency between systems; at its worst, connections will be jury-rigged instead of established in a predictable way that provides optimal data security.

Firms that outsource their network design as project work can avoid all these problems.  IT solutions for networks are readily available from expert consultants, like those at iCorps, who will design a network the right way: from the ground up, keeping in mind both your current infrastructure needs and your potential expansion needs in the near and long-term future. 

A team of professional network designers can also find ways to organize your network more efficiently.  It may be true, for example, that you do not need a CPU tower for every monitor.  With today's new virtualization capacity, the tried and true "terminal computing" approach is experiencing a rebirth.  One CPU tower, built with sufficient capacity, can easily run six or even 12 workstations.  This not only provides economy in hardware costs, it represents fewer repair and maintenance issues for the life of the machine, which of course means lower ongoing costs - always an important consideration.


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