Managed Services Assist Traditional Manufacturing Firms

Many business owners do not fully understand the benefits a managed services approach to IT can bring to their bottom line.  In part, this is due to the perception that it is only firms specializing in information technology themselves that could have much use for services such as cloud computing and network monitoring.  This is a misconception, however - managed services can provide advantages even to companies whose specialty is in manufacturing rather than information science.

Managed Services for a Shipbuilding Firm?

The example of Ingalls Shipbuilding is instructive.  Ingalls has recently signed an agreement to receive managed services from a professional IT company.  Why would they opt for managed services instead of handling their IT needs internally? Quite simply, a managed services provider will benefit them more: The provider's IT consultants can arrange, monitor, and fine-tune such services as data center operations, internet telephony and video-conferencing capacity, networking, service desk operations, and mobile technology services. 

Jan Rideout, who serves as chief information officer at Ingalls Shipbuilding, commented that the switch to managed services will accomplish multiple objectives.  "First, accessing world class IT services, including leading edge security protection.  Second, continuing to reduce our shipbuilding infrastructure cost.  And third, avoiding the cost and risk associated with building these capabilities organically.  Ultimately, we want to deliver more affordable ships to our Navy and Coast Guard customers.  We look forward to a smooth transition and a lasting partnership."

Many firms who have made the switch to managed services are able to offer more competitive pricing because their total IT expenditures decrease.  

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