The Benefits of Managed IT Programs

Some firms can operate well by using a managed services approach to their IT needs, but some need more of a hands-on approach.  This is where a managed programs provider can be invaluable.  In many situations, there is no substitute for a human being who is onsite on a regular basis.  By contracting with a managed programs IT support provider, a company can have the confidence that comes from knowing a consultant is close at hand when infrastructure or network problems occur. 

IT companies offering managed programs can also provide valuable advice to firm personnel about new security threats that are cropping up in the online world.  Years ago, most of us learned not to click on email attachments unless we were expecting them.  These days, managed programs experts are looking out for us in new ways, keeping their clients updated on how to use JavaScript blocking to keep malicious sites from launching worms and other threats.  Another danger is clickjacking, where an innocent-looking link has been hijacked so it actually takes you to a malicious site.

Internally staffed employees may know little of such threats; they almost certainly will not have time to research and implement security measures on their own.  Even if they try, the result will be a patchwork of protections that do little to safeguard the firm's data as a whole.  A better alternative is a managed programs expert who can install JavaScript blocking add-ons into all company web browsers, and then educate employees on how to use the tool to its full potential.

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