Is IT Consulting For You?

Outsourcing IT If your business has outgrown its current Accounts Receivable software and needs a new one tailored to your specific needs, you will have a vital decision to make: should you allow your own staff to handle the job, or outsource it as project work to an IT consulting firm with the requisite experience?

In general, a quality IT consultant will be able to implement new technology at a lower overall cost than what would be incurred in using your own staff.  Overall, this is due to the level of expertise possessed by a quality project work team.  Your own staff will have to undergo a "learning curve," gaining experience from the mistakes they make along the way.  In contrast, a firm that specializes in project work may have virtually no learning curve to surmount to other than gaining the necessary familiarity with the details of your specific needs.

A Cost Comparison Method

One way to identify the cost of using your own staff for IT work is to use simple mathematics.  Take the hourly rate your employees would charge customers for profit-generating work such as working with new clients.  Multiply that by the number of hours those employees will have to take off from profitable work in order to write software.  This represents the real cost of the software they produce. 

Furthermore, consider the quality issue; a project work team will be able to focus on implementing new platforms seamlessly, with low downtime and high accuracy.  Your own staff may not.

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