Remote Connectivity Is a Key Component of Business Success

In the early days of the managed programs industry, firms offering on-site IT services generally restricted their assistance to network servers and the individual desktop computers connected to the network, along with physically connected peripherals such as printers and fax machines.  In the last few years, however, the wireless revolution has meant that business computing activity involves more and more handheld devices.  Between PDAs, smartphones and tablet computers such as the Apple iPad or the Blackberry Playbook, IT staff have more devices to manage than ever before.

Companies that have kept their systems running without contracting with a managed programs provider thus far are beginning to find their position more untenable every year.  The rate of change in technology has been staggering every since the Information Age began, but it is increasing at such a great speed now that IT personnel competent to manage a traditional computer network are quite unlikely to have the expertise to also deal with the complications introduced by the wide variety of new devices that are also vital in today's business world. Firms need the multivarious expertise that can be provided by an IT consulting company like iCorps.

This means that it is past time for firms to make the change over to a professional IT company that can provide an all-encompassing managed programs solution.  With smartphones and tablet computers fully integrated into a firm's data network, business efficiency will increase.  To take just one example, an employee checking email on his phone will be able to print out a PDF document directly from that interface to an internet-shared computer in the office rather than logging onto a desktop to do the same task. And as we all know, less duplicated effort reduces costs, which increases profits.

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