Outsourced IT Programs Provide Consistency as Businesses Evolve

Managed ServicesThe classic admonition never to put all your eggs in one basket applies well to the world of technology, and goes a long way towards explaining why contracting an IT outsourcing company to provide a regular managed program is far preferable to handing the same tasks to an individual on your regular payroll.  This is because a key part of managing IT effectively involves a broad knowledge base that should not be possessed by only a single individual.

Consider the issue of passwords.  A dedicated IT manager will need to learn all system passwords.  He will also need to change them on a regular basis in order to maintain system security.  In many such situations there comes a time when the IT manager is the only one who is able to access vital system functions.

What happens when that individual leaves the company? In an ideal world, he would pass on his knowledge to the person who takes over for him, but business situations are often less than ideal.  If he has been fired, he may not be willing to assist.  If he has died, assistance is obviously out of the question.  It will be expensive and slow for the company to regain control of their own equipment if this kind of knowledge gap were to develop.

With oursourced IT models like iCorps Technologies' Encompass program, however, a team of people, rather than an individual, sees to the tech needs of a business.  As various special projects come up in your business, different consultants with the required expertise will work with your company and share passwords as needed.  In this situation, vital system passwords are never held by only one person. 


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