IT Staff Augmentation a Rapidly Growing Field

Staff AugmentationAccording to national staffing firms, one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in today's business world is in the area of staff augmentation.  This outsourcing strategy is now a multi-billion dollar business with industry revenues estimated in excess of $45 billion during the 2010 fiscal year.  This level of demand for staff augmentation is evidence in and of itself that businesses are growing increasingly likely to utilize it. 

The reason for this is simple and profound all at once: staff augmentation is successful at helping companies reach their potential with a minimum of financial outlay when compared to more traditional staffing arrangements.

Prerequisites to Implementing a Staff Augmentation Strategy

Before a firm can leverage a staff augmentation strategy to its own benefit, a simple sequence of steps should be followed.  First, the talents and project capacity of the existing staff should be evaluated to determine any gaps in the organization's talent pool.  This information should be compared to both current projects underway and planned new projects in the company pipeline. iCorps can provide 360° assessments of a firm's IT infrastructure - including internal staff - that identify gaps in knowledge and security, as well as opportunities for increased efficiency. After this audit is completed, the organization can make an informed decision about what additional skills may be needed in order to accomplish a given business objective.

Once a firm understands what new staff may be needed, a staff augmentation project can be undertaken.  The main advantage of this strategy is that staff possessing the required experience and expertise can be hired from an outsourcing firm like iCorps on a per-project basis. Project-based hiring is much more cost-efficient than hiring full-time internal employees, so using an IT outsourcing company is often the perfect way for an organization to keep both budgets and IT needs in check.                             

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