How Schools Can Benefit from IT Consulting

A technological problem that afflicts many schools, whether they are elementary, middle, or high schools, could be summarized as "more of the same" syndrome.  Few would doubt the usefulness of implementing technology in the classroom, but many teachers and administrators have difficulty envisioning what technology can truly to do help them; their thought process is limited by their own experience with computers.  Hence, a teacher with three computers in the room may long for six -- but that is the limit of her vision.

This problem of institutional malaise explains why schools can benefit so greatly from a skilled IT consultant.  Since these professionals stay current with new technology as well as applications that can enhance the use of that technology, they can help to expand the vision of an individual teacher or indeed, an entire school site.  Schools cannot use technology that they remain unaware of, and in spreading knowledge about what new tools could benefit a child's education, the IT consultant provides an invaluable service.

For example, software innovations now provide simple and effective ways to monitor student computer use.  A teacher sitting at her own workstation can remotely monitor pupils across the room or across campus, tracking what web sites they visit and sending them individual messages about helpful resources.  Other innovations include handheld electronic student response systems that make every child accountable for answering every question, and remote slates that allow teachers to walk around the classroom while instructing, yet still write on the whiteboard at the front of the room.

Today's classroom can be a new world in education with the help of IT consulting.


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