Managed Services a Powerful Force in Tech Marketplace, Says Ricca

According to Mark Ricca of the global market research firm IntelliCom Analytics, managed services are poised to become one of the most powerful elements in today's technological marketplace.  Ricca will speak further on the subject at the upcoming ITEXPO West 2011 slated to take place in Austin, Texas in mid-September.

The primary reason for the rise of managed services is the complexity present in today's IT services and products, Ricca explains.  The days are long past when companies could rely on a single simple spreadsheet application to manage their inventory and payroll.  Firms today need to utilize a growing array of information products and have them seamlessly integrate across networks and platforms.  Managing these systems is a challenging task requiring expert assistance.

Other factors contributing to the rise of managed services include firms' need for increasing performance reliability from their investment in IT products.  Perhaps even more significantly, companies in the current economic climate are experiencing significant pressure to reduce expenditures; this has led to many businesses trying to accomplish more goals with less staff.  In such a climate, it only makes sense to shift to a managed services model for IT solutions rather than relying on additional in-house staff to perform those functions.  This is even truer when one considers that in-house staff may lack some of the skills, expertise, and tools associated with the cutting edge of information technology.


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