The Price Advantage of IT Outsourcing

As technology becomes ever more powerful and interconnected, firms are relying on it more every year. This means not just more computers and peripherals, but also the need for connections between these forms of technology, and the newer world of smartphones and handheld tablets.  When a business becomes dependent on technology for everything from client data to customer invoicing, it has to be proactive about keeping its systems working efficiently. This is where the managed programs offered by IT outsourcing companies, like iCorps' Encompass, become invaluable.

The New World of Managed Programs

In the past, firms called in a computer technician to fix their systems only when something went wrong.  Today, that strategy will lead to productivity and profit loss.  Instead, it is far better to employ an expert team of IT specialists to manage your network because they have the knowledge to help prevent malfunctions before they occur.

Managed programs include remote monitoring of your systems in order to identify problems, so they can be solved before they impact the bottom line.  Such services also help with administrative tasks including establishing security protocols for various layers of the organization, and keeping passwords secure.  One of the most important functions of managed services is software installation and support, including migrating all computers on the network to a new platform.  With managed programs, this can be accomplished with minimum disruption to office activities. 

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