Move Over Internally Managed IT Services; Say Hello to the MSP!

managed services, IT services Boston, Managed Services New YorkThere has been rapid development in the area of IT managed services in recent years, especially in the SMB space. As outsourcing managed services gains traction with smaller companies, more agile solutions begin to emerge in the market.

The tides have shifted over the years through technology advancements, and IT services can now be utilized by all businesses for managing security, network monitoring, and even data storage in virtual environments. Despite many advancements over the past decades, there are still misconceptions about the value of IT managed services. Many businesses still believe that the best way to manage IT is to do so internally.

Common Misconceptions about IT Managed Services

They are costly: The most common myth about IT managed services is that they are excessively costly and involve large amounts of capital expenditures. Cost is no longer a factor as most IT service providers now allow you to pay as per the usage and as per the longevity of the managed services. This means that you may still spend the same amount but not all at once.

Meant only for large businesses: The applicability of IT managed services has now shifted from only large companies to even small and medium companies. In the modern business scenario, smaller companies are more aggressive and competitive and with the more cost effective and flexible solutions now available, managed services now apply to smaller companies the same as they do larger companies.

Managed services make you lose control of your IT infrastructure: This is a very outdated outlook that businesses hold on to. For a reputable and competent IT service provider, it is in their interest to ensure that your business is their priority. With the ever increasing competition in the IT segment, no IT service provider can afford to stifle the growth or success of your business.

All or nothing: This is an outdated view of times when partial outsourcing of service lead to friction at the workplace. However, recent experiences show that, in fact, businesses may be able to gain much more by outsourcing partially to service providers with greater experience and expertise.

You might lose your staff: You will not lose your staff even if the services of one supplier may not seem suitable. The services of the staff can also be transferred onto another supplier or used internally as you see fit. The employment laws and the employment protection regulations are in your favor in this respect.

They are the same as remote monitoring services: Managed services and remote monitoring are not synonymous with each other. In fact remote monitoring is but a part of all the services that are included in IT managed services provided today that also include backup, storage, security, etc.

Generate more profits: Managed services help to fine tune and increase the efficiency of business IT management rather than contribute to directly increasing revenues. Problem identification and speedy problem solutions are the primary advantages of IT management services, they are not revenue and profit generating strategies, instead they reduce costs and streamline your operations.

Outsourcing IT managed services is not a cut and dry deal. It requires close evaluation of vendors to understand the best advantages that you and your business can enjoy through these services. Working with experienced IT service providers gives your business the edge to operate more effectively with relatively lower wastage of resources. Kick off the process with a free IT Consultation today.

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