Why it's Smart to Consider IT Outsourcing for IT Governance, and More

IT governance, IT compliance, IT outsourcing boston new york philadelphiaThe constant demand on IT departments to be able to perform and expand with business objectives is one of the biggest operational challenges facing companies today. Most of the time SMBs don't need a fully staffed IT department that is capable of handling every component of a company's IT needs - business continuity, network maintenance and IT governance just to name a few. Not only is the cost of operating a fully staffed IT department prohibitive, but keeping up to date with current IT governance standards takes up bandwidth and can mean one or two additional full time jobs in itself. This is where IT outsourcing services can help businesses focus on what matters to them - generating income and growing.

Here are five ways that IT outsourcing services are a smart choice for SMBs:

  1. Having an IT company provide services for your business allows for greater flexibility with existing resources' bandwidth. When a large project comes up, it can be contracted out to an IT company, therefore freeing up internal staff's time. It also makes it easier to manage flexible increase in demand, by quarter for example.
  2. IT governance requirements include ensuring that a company complies with applicable regulations. Businesses that deal with credit card payments, individual or corporate finances, or even patients’ healthcare records have to meet special requirements around the privacy and security of those interactions. An IT company is most likely aware of all the requirements around these types of regulations, and can provide expert guidance on IT governance best practices.
  3. Having a contractor provide necessary maintenance and support functions such as routine updates, new installs, email rules and security patches frees up in-house IT personnel to focus on tasks that are more in line with the business's core goals.
  4. It takes a significant amount of time to find and vet various new technologies that can potentially provide major benefits to a business. A dedicated IT company is the ideal candidate to spend time on these tasks, because of their varied expertise and different points of view from multiple consultants. To maximize this benefit, utilize an IT company that rotates consultants rather than assigning only one to each company.
  5. Every business needs to ensure that their data is securely stored and backed up frequently. Data backup is a very basic function that every computer user, whether they are an individual or business should be concerned with. However, these sorts of tasks do not generate revenue, and can be very time consuming. In most cases, it is more efficient to allow a company that specializes in IT services to handle these mundane tasks.

An IT outsourcing service provider can also help customers deal with risk assessment and management, as well as developing a good governance strategy for their IT needs. Efficient allocation of resources is a major issue. Does the company need an in house IT department fully staffed to deal with emergencies as well as their day to day responsibilities including maintenance tasks and revenue generating tasks?

Technology should aid in a business’s operations, not get in the way. IT outsourcing services can be an effective way to keep internal staff focused and on track, and engaged in revenue generating projects, rather than wasting bandwidth on tasks like performing daily backups and updates.

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