Top 10 Reasons Why Tape Backups Suck

From the brain of Jeff Lauria, VP of Technology

10. Remember what you had for lunch yesterday?  Me neither.  Tapes only work when you remember to change them every night!

9.  Off-site tape storage is a giant pain in the butt and it's soooo last century.  But if you're into lugging old tapes around, please be sure to pick me up a couple of movies at Blockbuster on your way home.

8. Finding lost data means finding the right tape.  "Oops – I guess we should have labeled these things."

7. Scenario: Big blizzard – power's out – roads are closed.  Your job is to ensure your business is up and running.  It's a good thing you have those backup tapes in your sock drawer!

6. Vegas offers better odds.  Industry research states that tapes fail 42% of the time (according to Microsoft).   Save the hassle and try your luck at Black Jack. 

5. In a fast paced world, you need speed.  But tape backups and restores take up to ten times longer than digital.  If you like the feeling you get when you're in a rush and you end up driving behind a cement truck…stick with tape.  PS – You may want to take down the phone number on the back of the cement truck because if you use tape for much longer, you'll be looking for a new career. 

4. Did I mention tapes just suck in general?

3. Older tapes aren't compatible with newer drives.   Be prepared and add The Smithsonian to your speed dial.

2.  My theory is that tape drives are built by the same geniuses who make ink jet cartridges.  They are expensive to buy and cheaply made so that they need to be replaced or repaired every other week.  

1.  Your competitor just went with Guardian, iCorps' digital backup with DR solution.   Not only does their IT manager sleep better at night, but his sock drawer has never been more clean and organized. Jealous?

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