5 Things Much Harder than Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

It wasn’t very long ago that planning for and implementing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) solutions was too complex and cost-prohibitive for most businesses to even consider.  Fortunately, this has changed significantly in recent years, thanks in large part to cloud automation and other remotely managed solutions. Now even small and medium-sized businesses have access to services once previously out of reach due to costs, infrastructure and staffing challenges. 

In fact, we here at iCorps believe we have reached a point where we can boldly declare that DR/BC is no longer a big deal.  And to prove this theory, our crack research team (comprised of myself, Sam Adams and Google) performed a highly scientific review of common human experiences to see how they compared to DR/BC deployment in terms of which is easier to achieve successfully.  Here are the results:

1.    Eating healthily

Here’s the scenario:  You arrive home after work one evening.  On the kitchen counter there is a plate of freshly baked double-fudge brownies next to a bowl of apples.  You can only choose one.  Go!  Don’t waste my time:  Advantage:  DR/BC

2.    Getting to the gym

I’m not even sure why I’m wasting words on this bullet.  Most of us would rather have our kneecaps split than suffer forced exercise in a room full of sweaty strangers.   Advantage: DR/BC

3.    Driving the speed limit

We’re told that driving the speed limit saves lives, fuel costs and the environment.  However, most of us who live in the real world understand that posted speed limits are nearly impossible to obey.   Furthermore they stifle productivity and contribute to road rage.  In fact, anyone who drives the speed limit in the Northeast will most certainly feel the wrath of his fellow drivers (not that I would know anything about that).   Advantage: DR/BC

4.    Tire rotation

Tire manufacturers claim that you should rotate your tires every 5-8K miles.   My first reaction to this was, “Rotate this Michelin Man! I lease a car for a reason!”  However, after looking deeper into this issue, it turns out that many people have their tires conveniently rotated when they get their oil changed.   This puts tire rotation on par with the new DR/BC solutions for simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.  Advantage:  TIE

5.    Flossing

Although dentists urge us to floss daily, research by the ADA indicates that only about 12 percent of Americans follow this regimen, and up to 49 percent do not floss at all.  Further studies have shown that 100% of the people writing this article have a hard time spelling the word flauss, let alone performing it as a verb. This despite the fact that you can buy 100 yards of floss for about $3, which I think we can all agree is not exactly a barrier to entry.  And even if there was a precipitous drop in the Global Floss Index (GFI), I think we can safely assume that this would not spur substantive increases in daily flossing activity.

Let’s face it.  We know it’s important to our health.   We know that it only takes a few minutes.   We know that our dental hygienists secretly want to strangle us when our poor dental habits turn a routine cleaning into a three hour rugby scrum, requiring a team of specialists, industrial strength power tools and, in some extreme cases, Oral Explosive Devices (OEDs).  Advantage: DR/BC

The results of our study are indisputable.   Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity deployment no longer has to be a big deal.  And with that off your plate you’ll have more time to avoid going to the gym.

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