How to Spot an IT Services Provider with an Agenda, Part 1

IT service providerMany businesses have a hard time deciding on the proper IT solution to fit their needs, a process made more complex by the number of options on the market. Common questions are, “Should I host my email on a server at my office or with a cloud-based solution provider?” Or “Should I buy iPhones or Androids as my mobile device solution?” Another hurdle to the decision making process is the sheer volume of options available to SMB’s surrounding technology—are you aware of how Network Access Controllers or Mobile Device Management can help your business?

Fortunately, technical consultants can aid in this process. But even then, how do you really know whether they are truly your advocates and that what they recommend is the best IT solution for you? Many IT vendors have an agenda to sell a specific service, and maybe your onsite IT provider just wants to try a new technology to build his or her résumé.

As your company’s decision maker, protect yourself by being armed with key knowledge. First of all, ask some common-sense questions:

1. Does the solution suggested to me actually address a need or an issue?

    Problem: Your corporate network is slow. The IT professional says the likely reason is that the network switches are 10 years old and therefore, purchasing new switches will speed up network performance.

    Solution: The argument made is logical and the suggested fix does seem to address my need.

    Problem: Your corporate network is slow. The IT professional says you should virtualize all your servers, implement Citrix, and use thin clients in place of desktops.

    Agenda: While a virtualization or a Citrix solution may be a beneficial solution for your company, it does not necessarily address the issue of a slow network. This could be an IT provider looking to sell unneeded extra services. If the IT provider has legitimate and substantial reasons to back up this proposal because time was taken to review all aspects of the network then maybe this is the right solution, but more information and discussions should take place to qualify the solution

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    by Brian Lennon, iCorps Technical Consultant