Hillary Clinton's Hacked Emails Pose IT Security Threat

Hillary Clinton email hackYesterday afternoon, emails from political advisor Sidney Blumenthal to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were reportedly hacked and distributed to various Russian politicians and news outlets, according to Forbes. The emails have yet to be verified as authentic, and some are concerned that the hacked emails were fake and may be used to position the political strategy of Russian politicians against the US.

Events such as this beg the question, is the US government doing enough internally in terms of IT security? With the steady rise in cyber crime in recent years, it may be time for both government and private sector organizations to reevaluate IT security best practices. Basic security best practices include email encryption, anti-virus, and managed security services. While this will suffice for most small to medium sized businesses, enterprise level and government organizations will also benefit from additional services, including technical consulting for IT compliance and enterprise-grade IT support programs.

The best defense against cyber crime is a proactive approach to IT security. Talk to a proven IT provider in the Boston, New York or Philadelphia area to learn more.

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