Major Growth Rate Projected for Managed Services

managed services trend

A new analysis of the IT services world has concluded that businesses will adopt managed services models at an increasing rate in the next four years, a situation that will cause this sector of the IT solutions market to grow at an average rate of 12% throughout that period.  By the end of 2015, the industry will handle $47 billion worth of business compared to $29 billion during 2010. 

A great deal of this growth will come about as more small and mid-sized businesses come to embrace a managed services approach to IT needs.  What is such an approach?

Three Ways to View Managed Services

There are several different ways in which managed services providers can classify the technologies they use to help make business enterprises leaner and more efficient.  One of these ways is to regard managed services as providing application, business, or infrastructure support. 

The primary focus of application services is the operation, management, and monitoring of software tools essential to a business enterprise.  This includes  monitoring applications to be sure they retain their core functionality as well as troubleshooting upgrades and patches as needed. 

Business services, in contrast, concentrate on making certain that the enterprise realizes as much value as possible from its IT investments.  This includes analysis of best practices for systems and networks, deployment planning, coordination among multiple vendors of IT hardware and software, and review of software applications used or needed in the enterprise. Support services focus on maintaining a functional IT environment so that workplace routines continue without disruption.

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