Private Cloud Pushers “Old Guard” According to Amazon SVP

datacenter bostonAt Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Re:Invent conference in November, the established cloud provider’s SVP blasts “old guard” tech firms for pushing private cloud on customers. Andy Jassy, SVP delivered the keynote presentation, touching on the company’s success over the past six and a half years in the business and the hundreds of thousands of customers they have acquired. Amazon is a leading cloud provider for enterprise businesses, and one of the more costly solutions on the market.

“You don’t get any elasticity with private cloud. You don’t get innovation, you still have to manage it and you can’t go global…” Jassy’s argument comes at a critical time in the cloud computing debate – is the cloud better than on premise, and if so, at what cost?

The answer, and Jassy’s assertion, may come as a surprise to some people unfamiliar with the daily IT operations of a business. For mission critical apps especially, the private cloud lacks in practicality and user comfort. Microsoft Exchange, among many other applications, is stunted to a turtle’s pace (relatively speaking of course) when stored in the cloud.

Private cloud users rarely experience the same benefits as their public cloud user counterparts, Jassy points out. The reality is that for most businesses, the answer lies in a customized combination of public cloud and on-premise solutions.

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