Quick Tips for Finding a Hosted Cloud Provider in the Mid-Atlantic

     hosted cloud philadelphia delaware cherry hill   Outsourcing cloud storage through an IT provider can be a great solution for SMBs in the Mid-Atlantic looking to gain a competitive edge in their market.  Since many businesses do not have the budget for a fully staffed IT department, a hosted cloud provider in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill or Delaware can provide an ideal solution. 

        There are many IT providers in the Mid-Atlantic that offer cloud services; as a consumer your business should be aware of what to look for when beginning your search.  We've compiled four expert tips that will provide a basis in your search for the best cloud provider.

       1.  Predict the outcome of your business partnership by checking References

Cloud storage providers deal with sensitive client data, so it's vital they have a proven record of experience in providing secure provisions for their customers.  When searching for a hosted cloud provider, ask for references from current or former customers that had a similar service or deployment.  Contacting each reference will reveal any potential issues others have run into, and is a fairly accurate gague of what you can expect upon partnering with the provider.

       2.  Is the storage scalable?

Public cloud storage services often have more storage capacity than private cloud services, but a business must find out if the provider can continue to offer storage capabilities as the company grows.  Moving a company's data from one host to another is cumbersome at best, and a liability at worst, as data leaks are highly probable and should be handled with care. Proactively choosing a provider that can provide scalable storage as your company grows is the most organic way to avoid a potentially costly future problem.

       3.   Become educated about their Security posture and practices

A business should know exactly what security measures and practices an IT company has in place to protect its sensitive data.  Reputable providers will be able to show who has access to private information and the screening performed in their hiring process.  They should be able to discuss how staff keeps up with changes in technology as well as what procedures are in place for handling a security breach.

       4.  Consider the Fees

IT outsourcing can be much more cost-effective than using the resources within an IT department for manual operations, but in the end it all depends on the budget. It's important to get a complete breakdown of all fees involved in a cloud service so that you can determine is right for your organization. A credible IT provider will work with you to find a solution that is both within your budget and that satisfies your most important needs.

A hosted cloud provider can help a business find solutions for many of their IT needs, including determining if they are ready to move to a hosted cloud.  There are many IT providers in the Mid-Atlantic area, not all of them credible, so it's important to do your due diligence before on one. Because there are many aspects to cloud storage that a business may not be aware of, it may be a good idea to consult with a provider first to gain a better understanding of one's needs. To learn more about key features to look for in a cloud provider, or to get a better understanding of how a hosted cloud can help, contact iCorps today.

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