How Your Internal Staff is Killing Your Business: Why Outsource IT

outsourcing ITThe cost of maintaining IT departments has increased steadily since their nception in the late 1980s. As IT professionals become more skilled and technology becomes an indispensable part of business more than ever, salaries of IT staff have increased dramatically in the last decade or so. Network administrators earned a average of over $70,000 a year in 2011, according to the U.S. Bureau of  Labor Statistics, and IT professionals in the management function command even higher salaries.

Every business today interested in success requires a proactive IT department - this leaves business leadership in a difficult position. A fully staffed IT department takes up a significant portion of the operational budget, and many owners and managers are unable to increase spending any further. This begs the question: Having an internal IT staff is convenient, but is it really necessary? Here are two main reasons why outsourcing is better for your business:

1. Offset personnel costs with Staff Augmentation

One way of avoiding the soaring costs of hiring IT professionals is to augment existing staff with contract IT consultants. This type of staff augmentation model allows the scaling of your IT workforce on demand in order to remain agile and not be saddled with excess personnel for the long-term.

Whether there is a short-term need for help on a project or long-term to perform daily IT operations, highly qualified IT professionals with fresh expertise are available on a contract basis. Working with a reputable IT services provider also allows your organization to gain exposure to skilled technical consultants who have the latest industry experience.

2. Become proactive through Managed Services

Another solution to avoiding the additional expense of hiring permanent IT staff is outsourcing of some or all of your IT services needs. Whether to outsource, and what to outsource, are questions that have to answered on an individual basis as every industry and company has a unique set of needs. With that in mind, outsourcing IT with support programs in Boston, New York and Philadelphia helps businesses stay proactive vs. reactive, and is cost effective.

It used to be the general practice of companies looking to outsource to not outsource mission-critical processes. Outsourcing was used for a number of business processes, such as accounting, payroll, customer service and data storage, but not commonly for IT operations. With the advancement of technology as well as the number of skilled providers in today's market, that is changing. Many IT providers have developed specialized expertise and companies of all sizes are seeing the value in outsourcing a variety of IT operations and processes, such as security, network monitoring, anti-virus, and more.

Unsure if outsourcing is a good idea for your organization?

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