How to Make Remote Monitoring Work for You

In today's business world, proactive network monitoring is a prerequisite of doing business for all organizations. There are many reasons why proactive monitoring is a necessary business practice, the most critical reason being security. IT providers, as well as internal IT teams, are moving from a reactive to proactive mindset when it comes to IT operations. As the act of monitoring a network takes up a lot of time and resources, companies often find that outsourcing to an experienced IT support provider saves them time and money. Remote monitoring has proven to be an ideal solution for many businesses in the New York, Philadelphia and Boston areas. Is remote monitoring right for your business?

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

In order to provide businesses with the most intelligent insight into their networks, IT providers are leaning toward a successful, and more importantly proactive, network monitoring model. Many IT companies in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Delaware offer IT support for organizations who might not have the resources on staff, allowing IT departments to focus on core competencies rather than maintenance. Remote monitoring services can also be combined with other managed services to create an even stronger network and bring the threat level to your organization to a minimum.

Competencies of a complete Remote Monitoring and Managed Service program may include:

  • Protection from unnecessary downtime with data back and disaster recovery planning, allowing your organization to maintain the highest possible level of Business Continuity.
  • Endpoint protection with email encryption, keeping your company’s workstations and devices protected from malware and data leaks.
  • Process and IT Policy evaluation in order to avoid bottlenecks in the workflow and streamline IT operations.
  • Managed Security, including firewall monitoring and additional security monitoring such as risk intelligence and vulnerability assessment.
  • Anti-Virus and malware protection.
  • Network monitoring to insure that your infrastructure functions at an optimum level, setting yourself and your business up for success.

Remote monitoring services combined with other managed services also provide documentation of metrics - including cost, work performed, incidence response time, ticket completion, and more. Remote monitoring, when performed proactively by a skilled IT provider, reduces the risk of an attack and when combined with security solutions minimizes the vulnerabilities within your organization. A credible and knowledgeable IT services provider will tailor each program to fit the specific needs of the company, whether it be to satisfy compliance standards, to maintain maximum security of your network at all times, or simply to promote business continuity for your customers and employees.

Selecting the right IT provider to fit your organization's needs is the penultimate step in creating long term security and streamlining operations in your organization. 

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