5 Business Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Operating efficiency is doomed to deteriorate when resources are limited in an organization. Increases in workload, looming deadlines, hiring freezes, and expansion can cripple businesses without sufficient staff to meet demand. Hiring and retention expenses are also considerable, and often fall outside the budgets of small and medium-sized businesses, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Many companies need added manpower and expertise but not additional staff. The most ideal option is finding a way to increase productivity at the same or less cost - a.k.a staff augmentation. But is staff augmentation good for businesses? 

Here Are Five Ways Outsourced Staff Augmentation Can Improve Your IT Infrastructure:

Costs are Easier to Control

Productivity equals revenue. The delays associated with typical recruiting—advertising, interviewing and vetting—can cost companies dearly in lost time and revenue. Staff augmentation promotes increased productivity; the burden of recruiting qualified talent is shifted to an outside firm, thus the likelihood of hiring the best candidate increases dramatically as there is a resource dedicated to providing a reliable employee. When outsourcing, scaling-up is not as risky since there are no long-term financial commitments; the budget becomes more flexible and company costs decrease overall.

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Companies Become More Innovative

A key factor in staff outsourcing is the advantage of leveraging the skills and experience of people in various industries. Many of these individuals have specialized knowledge and abilities that may not currently be found within your organization or IT department. Staff augmentation empowers companies with a fresh perspective, and the innovation to increase the performance and motivation of your current staff.

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Resources are Utilized More Efficiently

Typically, the cost of hiring must include the infrastructure to support an added workforce. Staff augmentation reduces or eliminates the need to purchase more technology, physical space, and other costly expenses. A vast number of companies fail to meet their objectives due to entrusting unqualified people with critical job functions. Partnering with a staff augmentation firm will ensure companies get the best people to fill these key positions, without wasting large amounts of time in the process. IT departments can quickly deploy new technology without income-killing downtime, and business can continue with fewer delays and surprises.

Improved Processes

Small to medium-sized businesses are at a disadvantage when the IT department is low on resources or personnel. Under these conditions, management is unable to focus on larger, more fruitful endeavors, and can spend more time problem solving than strategic planning. The outsourced model allows your IT department to handle more projects in less time; the ability to manage an increasing workload will ultimately boost your bottom line.

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Increased Systems Performance and Reliability

Overworked and understaffed IT departments are unable to properly maintain the company network, hardware, and applications. As a result, downtime occurs and business is brought to a preventable standstill. Staff augmentation provides assistance as needed, to update critical applications and maintain the network, for maximum performance and business continuity. The IT industry is continuing to evolve as technology becomes more complex and more challenging to the internal IT staff. IT consultants should have the skillset, experience, and expertise to acclimate quickly within your team, allowing your company to meet, if not exceed its business expectations.

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