If you don’t Secure your Network now, you'll hate yourself later…

Business leaders know that one of the most important aspects of successful operations is maintaining a secure network. This is getting increasingly more difficult as corporate infrastructures are moving from on-site servers to the cloud. While this is a great selling point with the added customer convenience of easy access for mobile devices, it presents a myriad of potential issues for data security.

Hackers are proliferating and becoming stronger threats to security in recent times as we’ve seen with the security breaches of major networks from Sony to the U.S. government. Relying on a small internal IT staff to manage security of a network on top of all of their other duties is a tall order, even for the most skilled professionals. If the security of the network is ignored, it could be detrimental to the organization. Potential problems include:

  • Data theft and tampering
  • Data leakage
  • Viruses and Bots
  • Malware
  • Site hijacking
  • Bandwidth theft
  • Blacklisting

All of these categories have a subset of possible issues, each of which could have legal ramifications and a negative impact on infrastructure and security. In addition to the vulnerability of sensitive data, the network is also vulnerable to other types of attacks including packet obstruction, server intrusion, DNS attacks, malware infection and content manipulation. Any of these attacks can cripple an online site by taking it offline for a period of time, thus driving away customers. This practice is also known as Denial of Service (DOS) and can be extremely damaging to a customer-business relationship.

Some businesses do not have the resources to managed all of these potential risks. Rather than inadequately managing your network's security, a better solution is outsourcing. Outsourcing security through a managed security service allows for dedicated monitoring of all aspects of your network and assures business continuity. With a managed security solution, a small business leader in Boston, New York or Philadelphia can have a dedicated staff of IT professionals working to secure the environment around the clock. Outsourcing the management of your security allows you to focus on strategic operations, rather than reacting to constant IT problems.

Network security is a vital part of all businesses. SMB's especially should take advantage of the economical options available through IT outsourcing.

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