A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Managed Services

managed services helpIn today’s economy, many organizations are looking for ways to streamline their operations while scaling back on costs. While the success of both tasks may sound impossible, it doesn't have to be by utilizing proactive monitoring services.

Creating a more efficient way to operate your IT can reduce overall company costs while improving service for clients. One way to cut costs while keeping performance standards high is through managed services. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be used for a variety of IT responsibilities including managing security, network monitoring, anti-virus and spam filtering, etc. - as well as maintaining the software and installing any necessary upgrades. This practice transfers the day-to-day cost of monitoring to another organization, thus creating a strategic method for improved operations.

There are many providers that offer managed services - so which one do you choose? Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind during your search: 

  1. Review their client list. Just like you would with a potential employee, it's wise to review the “resume” of a potential vendor. What experience do they have? Is the experience in your industry and/or service field? Reputable businesses usually have a list of reference-able clients on their website.
  2. Price point. Make sure to ask about variable costs that could incur during the project(s) so that you can determine if budget increases are a factor. Most likely if there are variable costs through one vendor, they will also be present with another vendor. That's why it's a good idea to vet multiple vendors for the same project before choosing one.
  3. Availability. MSP's should have an option for emergency support 24/7, often referred to as "Premium Support." In case of a disaster, someone should be on call to help plan and execute  recovery strategy.
  4. Flexibility. Can the MSP you choose provide multiple consultants within a reasonable amount of time should the project need more? If your projects frequently require an adjustment in personnel, that's something to take into account when choosing an MSP.

Finding an MSP that meets the needs of your organization, whether it's technical skill level, flexibility or general attitude, it is crucial to the success of a managed service. To save on costs while increasing performance in your IT department, look no further than investing in IT services.

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