4 Benefits of Partnering with Locally Outsourced IT Services

Day-to-day maintenance of an IT Department is an expensive operation in today's business environment. This is especially true for small-and-medium sized businesses (SMB's) who have limited IT budgets, but who still need cutting-edge performance. Until fairly recently, smaller businesses were between a rock and a hard place in terms of keeping up with the latest technology. They either had to spend a large proportion of their capital budget on constantly refreshing their IT operations, or fall behind and resign themselves to inefficiency or even worse - an attack. This all changed with the advent of outsourced IT services. Today SMB's have the option of outsourcing some or all of their IT needs to an experienced IT services firm. The benefits of IT outsourcing can also be enhanced by partnering with a local provider in your area. Read on to find out how.

Outsourced IT Services

Businesses outsourcing work of all types has been a growing trend for several decades. It is a common misconception that outsourcing IT means sending work out of the country. On the contrary, outsourcing does not always mean "offshoring" to other countries, as many American businesses today outsource services to local providers. Local outsourcing is growing particularly fast in the IT industry.

The breadth and variety of outsourced IT services have expanded dramatically in the last few years. While a large business may benefit from outsourcing technical implementations to an IT consultant, and a small business may benefit from outsourcing the management of its security, these actions all fall under the umbrella of outsourced IT services. The advent of the cloud, and the idea of basic IT services as commodities has truly revolutionized the way businesses look at IT in the 21st century. As a result, IT services providers offer an increasingly specialized array of services to keep their clientele happy.

4 Benefits of Locally Outsourcing IT
Reduced Costs

Small businesses no longer have to take out lines of credit or spend more than they can afford on technology. You can easily outsource any or all of your IT functions to IT professionals at a cost that is most likely less than operating internally.

Greater Reliability

Shorter downtime in the event of a disaster and improved reliability is a major benefit of working with a quality local IT provider. Make sure your contract includes both regularly scheduled onsite maintenance visits as well as responsive, or "break/fix," site visits.

Less Overhead

Using a local services provider means significantly less overhead for the business owner or management. Consultants are reimbursed for their travel expenses as well as daily stipend if non-local, so local consultants will save a company hundreds of dollars a day on travel and related expenses.

Local Expertise

There are on average 3-5 hurricanes in your area in any given month? Is your environment, physically or technically, different in any way? That could pose a challenge for a consultant who is not from the area. However, partnering with a local IT provider will give you the benefit of having professionals on hand that not only are familiar with your specific environmental challenges, but who will also know the best way to deal with them.

Small to medium sized business have perhaps the most to gain out of outsourcing IT locally. There are a lot of IT companies out there to choose from- but none like iCorps. iCorps is a growing IT services provider, with offices in Boston, Philadelphia and New York, that is rapidly earning a reputation for excellence. iCorps’ all-inclusive Encompass program is a fixed-cost IT services plan designed specifically for SMB's. Encompass enables businesses to keep IT spending under control with fixed costs, and provides top notch IT services to keep the business running continuously. With Encompass you can expect less downtime and increased efficiency of operations.

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