All I Want for the Holidays...Is a Spam-Free Exchange Server

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about what to wish for. Some IT managers and CIO's will be asking for a new iPhone 5 or iPad Mini this holiday season, but smart IT administrators want only one thing - to keep holiday-related spam from clogging their email Exchange servers!

Explosion of Spam

About 90 percent of email messages sent through the Internet today are unsolicited and unwanted, according to McAfee Labs. These unwanted messages not only fill up the mail boxes of their recipients and create a great waste of time (even if it is just having to empty your bulk email folder several times a week), but the messages can also potentially contain viruses or other malware.

Spam impacts productivity negatively in two ways. First, as mentioned above, employees have to take the time to deal with all these spam messages, which obviously has a negative effect on productivity as it takes time away from work-related tasks. Secondly, spam can lead to bottle-necking or even overloading your Exchange server with all of the extraneous messages. This overload typically worsens around various holidays throughout the year when businesses are advertising sales; spam is almost guaranteed to be a significant problem around the winter holidays.

Spam Filtering

Many IT service providers offer various types of spam filtering services today. But only a very few offer a comprehensive, cloud-based, managed spam filtering service comparable to iCorps spam filtering solution. This robust spam filter service is actively managed by knowledgeable IT professionals. It works to provide zero-hour message filtering that will keep your network safe by blocking email potentially containing malware, emails from a constantly updated list of known spammer web addresses, and searches for "trigger words" (such as best or ca$h or free) that are typically found in sales-related spam posts.

Furthermore, you can count on legitimate email messages to be delivered to their recipients and uninterrupted email service with email contunuity. The service provided also encrypts outgoing emails, making it harder for information to fall into the wrong hands. iCorps' unique, proactive spam filter is designed to fit seamlessly with your existing email system- no additional hardware required. 

The holidays are just around the corner, so give yourself (and your employees) peace of mind this year from unwanted emails. Let iCorps help you beat the holiday spammers at their own game. Take advantage of our cutting-edge anti-spam solution so you can relax and enjoy your holiday, content with the knowledge that your Exchange server is not full!

Contact iCorps to learn more about securing your email messages.

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