Best Practices to look for in an IT Consulting Firm

consulting companyIt’s a given fact that IT Departments are critical to a company’s success. If you are a CIO, IT Manager or IT professional seeking the right technology consulting firm to meet your company’s needs, there are a few best practices you should verify first to ensure that any future partnership is effective. Whatever your needs, the best practices of a successful IT consulting company- call it the Microsoft Certified Gold Consultant standard- are as follows:

A thorough IT assessment can make the difference between success and failure of a final solution

Many companies find themselves needing to outsource IT responsibilities in order to conduct successful business. Typically, the company will vet several vendors before making an ultimate decision. It is in this phase of the process that a thorough (and unbiased) assessment of the company's environment should be conducted. Many firms lack proper documentation and visability to the health of their network. Don't make assumptions when evaluating IT providers.

After agreeing to an assessment, the consultant will start with a thorough technology assessment of the company's environment, the IT department, and its specific technology needs. It is important to request this assessment to be sure that the future partner can craft the most effective, efficient and long-lasting solution. It is crucial to know the entire environment and what issues, or potential issues, may exist before proposing a permanent solution. Only an initial technology assessment can provide that.

Check their credentials

Most reputable IT services vendors will have a legitimate list of clients available for reference on their website. If there is no such list on the website, a representative should be willing to provide them upon request. They should also be willing to put you in contact with a client who had a similar deployment of services and/or software/hardware, so that you can verify the success of the transaction.

Can they Analyze and Measure Success?

Not only should a good IT consulting firm identify your needs with an unbiased technology assessment up front, but once a permanent solution is put in place they should have a plan to execute to analyze the effects of the solution and measure its success. They may also propose a long term partnership in the form of Managed Services, if that's what your company needs. A good IT provider should be able to provide the end user with visibility into incidence response and resolution time, and be able to provide metrics on the effectiveness of their ticketing system.


Lastly, make sure that you can work with the IT consulting firm you choose. A transparent and sincere environment allows for a successful partnership, so being able to work together can be just as important as the work that's being done. If you're looking for a reliable, professional and proven IT consulting firm in the Boston, Philadelphia or New York areas, consider iCorps Technologies as a dependable solutions provider in your search. Contact iCorps, a Microsoft Certified Gold partner, for a free IT consultation today.

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