How Smartphones are changing the IT Services game

smartphoneSmartphones continue to make an impact on daily life by making the world more connected, allowing for work and life to be more conveniently accessible - which makes securing these devices through IT services more complicated than ever. But is the proliferation of smartphones an advantage or disadvantage to IT outsourcing organizations? How does it impact your IT department and the services game in general?

With more and more smartphone apps coming out every day - ranging from apps that let you book theater tickets to buy car insurance to track your friends to connect socially - it is becoming more of a challenge for IT departments in many companies to keep their networks secure and inclusive of their employees' smartphones.

IT Outsourcing, smartphones and you

Smartphones, as well as tablets and other mobile devices truly have changed the game - making IT security more complex. If you seek IT outsourcing services to help secure your network, it’s critical to ensure that your provider can expand their expertise across the full range of disciplines, including covering BYOD (Bring your own device), remote access and more.

BYOD. As IT departments become saturated with personal devices, and workers rely on access to their smartphones 24x7, there are many security related challenges that can arise. IT outsourcing services need to meet the rising demand to help companies support their worker’s mobile devices in the office. The more smartphones and tablets that become part of the network, the riskier your security becomes. An effective IT outsourcing company can help you implement the right policies to better manage the large range of data endpoints. Your data is secure without impacting the convenience and productivity of your employees.

Remote Access. Remote channels, like smartphones, definitely increase the risk of hackers and unwanted access to your systems. Savvy IT professionals should consider hiring IT  consultants to help their IT departments deploy the correct solutions for securing remote workers.

The days of utilizing expensive user licenses for remote access are long over. A cost-effective alternative to individual user licenses is SSL virtual private network (VPN) technology, which is a better method of delivering remote mobile access between a private and public network. A skilled IT outsourcing consultant will be able to set up the networks and users you need with a VPN to allow employees to securely connect while accessing the data they need to get work done. Visit the iCorps Technologies main website to see a full list of available services and solutions.

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