IT Manager: How Sophos' Mobile Control Helps You with BYOD

A negative consequence of businesses' high utilization of the Internet is that the systems, data and transactions of companies are prone to invasion by nefarious hackers and scammers. If businesses do not take the right steps to protect their systems and data, they stand a chance of being victimized. As a result of this inherent vulnerability, businesses in possession of sensitive data are required to adhere to compliance standards. The IT departments of companies should transmit their data properly to ensure that they remain compliant of these standards.

Here Are Three Ways to Manage Your Company's Security by Preventing Hackers and Scammers Through Remote Monitoring:

BYOD and Reduction of IT Expenses

Companies want to have Internet security of the highest quality while at the same time spending the least amount of their budget. That is how the concept of BYOD was born. The concept of BYOD has become highly popular in some countries, especially the United States. The increase in BYOD means an increase in the need to secure these devices


Sophos, a provider that offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, has contributed greatly to the effort of securing personal devices being used on business networks. Their latest version of Mobile Device Management solution called Sophos Mobile Control 2.5 facilitates a safe and secure entry of the BYOD concept into any small, medium or large business. This MDM solution offers additional security features as workflows are streamlined, and the mobile device's data is efficiently managed and protected. One interesting feature of Sophos Mobile Control 2.5 is its updated web-based administrative console.

Improved Control

The streamlined interface of Sophos Mobile Control 2.5 help IT administrators to complete many common tasks quickly. This version is capable of integrating with the IT infrastructure that is currently established in companies by using directories, such as Active Directory. Sophos Mobile Control 2.5 has an improved interface with which IT administrators can obtain detailed graphical reports quickly. With 2.5, IT administrators are able to manage all mobile devices on the network, update them on time and protect them. With Sophos, even the most critical of BYOD policies have little to argue against.


Sophos Mobile Control 2.5 Ensures Compliance

The client interface of Sophos Mobile Control 2.5 comes with a compliance tab with which the compliance status of the device, specific reasons for non-compliance, suggested measures to resolve problems, etc. can be viewed. Additionally, when an employee leaves the company or when there is non-compliance from an employee, IT can do a remotely-conducted corporate wipe of the device. This version supports iOS-managed applications so that it can link with a company's software and push applications to the devices of the employees. For more information about these services, and securing your business-critical data, reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation

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