How to Make Managed Services Work for You

Managed ServicesIT support is an essential function of any business. Whether it is a small organization or large multi-level organization, having managed services to assist with these functions can help maintain productivity in the workplace.

Outsourcing this service does not mean that a small company should completely forget a function once it's outsourced though. It is always important to make sure that the IT services are monitored closely to ensure that the company gets the most out the managed services company in Philadelphia.

Below are some 4 tips to make these services work for your company:

1. Communication

Open channels of communication are important. Cloud computing is all about freeing up certain duties in the business so that the employees can focus on business continuity. Just like an in-house IT department, a managed services company in Philly should also have open channels of communication with its clients. Have meetings and talk about solutions that will bring efficiency to the company. The client should also not forget that the IT support company is also providing the same services to other clients too. In this case, monthly reviews are more suitable. The managed service provider is always available 24 hours a day so when need arises they can still be called upon.

2. Research

Do as much research as possible about current trends in your industry. Learn the applications, infrastructure and technology used, this way the company is always in the know on what is best for it. In case the service provider decides to lag behind or use out dated methods of cloud archiving or data backup, the client company will know and move on to a better IT service provider.

3. Address Security measures

Having custom made security measures in place is important. Most managed Services Company in Philadelphia will want to use the same security module on their various clients. Clients should feel free to ask for more security and also add more encryption keys to their account. User accounts that are dormant should be closed up and computers that are no longer used wiped clean. Employees who have access to data that it is not in their clearance level could pose a threat to business continuity. Such information should therefore be well secured to avoid unauthorized access.

4. Address problems fast

A good managed services company in Philly should have unlimited IT support. That means a quick response any time of the day and any day of the week. Problems, big or small should never be ignored as this could have disastrous consequences. Computers with prolonged problems are more likely to crash and cost the company a lot of resources. It is therefore important to ask the service provider to look into a problem even when it seems like it is nothing to worry about. 

A great way to ensure that managed services work properly is by getting a good service provider and monitoring their progress. Thoroughly research IT managed service providers to find a company that has a track record of delivering exceptional results.

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