What You Should Know: Offsite Data Support and Business Continuity

Data Backup and Disaster RecoveryManaged services such as offsite data support are increasingly becoming popular with businesses as a way of maintaining business continuity in times of a natural disaster. Such services provide a good way to back-up data and store files in manner that is safe and convenient to retrieve, once the network can be safely restored.

Offsite data support is centered on the client’s business and runs independently on software that is installed by a cloud computing service provider.

How it works:

This data support module works by encrypting data, compressing it and transmitting it to a secure facility. The data can be accessed only by the client via the internet. This method ensures that there are no chances of affecting business continuity should data get lost in one way or another. Other services provided by cloud computing providers are: central data management, management of accounts, email backup and database backup.

Because this form of data support is online, it is not limited to certain office computers or a specific location and can therefore be accessed even when someone is out of the country.

Below are some of the advantages of offsite data support:

Easy back-up data: Data is automatically backed up using software that independently runs itself. This means the company does not need to hire staff for their backup needs. The backup is seamless and does not affect business continuity. Offsite support does not require your input and is therefore ideal for both large organizations that have large backup needs or small companies who do not need a full time IT department.

Disaster Preparedness: Unforeseen natural disasters can affect business. Offsite data support comes to help the business pick up its track and continue with business regardless of location. Disasters such as earthquakes, floods or even fire should not result in completely shutting off a business. The business can be relocated to another location and data simply restored.

Cost Effective: Operating a fully fledged IT department can be quite expensive and this is the reason why cloud computing services are much sought after. The user only pays for the services they use on a monthly basis which helps save a lot of money.

Less Risks Involved: Organizations that perform data back-up physically using external hard disks are more vulnerable to have their information stolen. Keeping data in offsite locations means that the data can only be accessed by the computer owner using encryption keys that only he/she knows. It also reduces the risk of completely losing data should natural disasters strike since the computer and backup device will both be destroyed.

Time Effective: Offsite data services are also time effective. The amount of time that is used to back up data, restore or even completely delete data is usually quite long. Cloud services save time because they perform these tasks faster than other traditional methods and you can still continue working as these procedures take place.

Offsite data support services are quite convenient and useful. They provide a safe business environment and are a great way to manage important information. 24 hour support is available, meaning that regardless of the time differences, businesses from different locations will always have someone to help them out with their queries or issues.

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