5 Steps to Securely Erasing Your Hard Drive

IT ConsultingFor those who recently upgraded to a new laptop, it's vital to your operation's security to first clear the old hard drive. Simply deleting data is not the same thing as permanently erasing it. When data is deleted, it only hides from plain view but is still intact in the computer. In order to permanently delete data from your desktop, more drastic measures need to be taken. Data landing on the wrong hands can affect business continuity, it is therefore necessary to ensure that an IT consulting Boston service provider is engaged.

Data backup is required before beginning the clean up. This is because the files are permanently erased and they cannot be retrieved. Cloud archiving is an ideal, safe and convenient method to backup.

Below are methods used to permanently erase data:

1. Encryption

One option that can be used is encryption. This method of securing a hard drive that is popular but takes a lot of time. For those who use cloud computing, encryption is much less tasking and can be carried out by the IT consulting company.

2. Utilities

There are software utilities that wipe out data safely. These utilities have specifics on the number of passes to make. Every pass indicates that the data is completely overwritten. A utility that conducts three passes therefore means that the data is overwritten three times. The more data is overwritten, the harder it will be to recover. There are utilities which can sustain Gutmann protection levels and perform 35 passes. However; seven passes is what high security units such as the military and U.S defense department use. It can therefore be ideal for basic computer users.

3. Open Source Eraser

This tool can be used to select the specific folders and files. To use this method, simply boot up the computer program and click on the arrow that is in between ‘erase schedule’ and the ‘’settings tab’. Select ‘new task’. A window showing the options for time schedules and tasks will pop up. Choose ‘add data’ then select the folders and files you want to erase and a method to erase. The DoD option with three passes is enough to completely erase your data.

Eraser has various options for those who need to regularly erase files safely. It however only works on HDD and not on SSD.

4. Roadkil Disk Wipe

Roadkil Disk Wipe works great on flash drives and hard drives too. Once a complete download is carried out, simply choose the drive to delete and key in the number of passes. One can decide to fill the file with junk or just wipe it clean.


DBAN works on SSDs and is loved by IT consulting experts. To access it, download and burn it on a cd then boot it to the computer. Once it is running in its blue and white signature page, choose the disk that needs to be cleaned and select the ideal erasure method. This method is time consuming. The amount of time it takes will depend on the disk size and erasure method.

If your company does not want to conduct erasure on its own, technical consulting services are your best option. A professional IT consulting company should be in a position to select the best erasure option.

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