Google Chromebook Rentals a No-Brainer for SMB's

With the myriad of available computers in the marketplace, how does an organization know which model to invest in as technology constantly improves? Congruently, if a business's workforce is flexible, purchasing new computers with the inflation of employee numbers can be a budget-sucking expense. IT consultants will need to maintain and upgrade all of those computers, which can chip away at the time required to do their actual tasks. For larger organizations with larger budgets, this may not be a problem, but for smaller to mid-size businesses, this can be a true conundrum. What should a company do?

Google has an answer to the problem. They have been offering their Chromebook - a personal computing device that features Google’s Chrome OS for its operating system – for rental instead of purchase for months now. Considering that each Chromebook sells for approximately $349, renting at $30 a month can be a better financial alternative. The Chromebook itself brings the cloud to personal computers, it boots up in seconds, has built-in virus protection, and because its data is stored on the web, it doesn’t need to be backed up.

Advantages of businesses renting vs. buying: 

  1. No long term contracts: With many businesses, renting means that an organization is locked into a contract, possibly for several years. However, with Google’s offer, renting their Chromebooks is done on a month-to-month basis, allowing an organization to try before they buy.
  2. Affordability: Because an organization doesn’t have to pay upfront for many computers, Google’s Chromebook offer is very affordable. Additionally, the longer an organization rents their devices, the smaller their monthly payments become, allowing for more financially prudent mobility solutions.
  3. Better time management: Because they own the physical devices, Google provides automatic updates so that a business’ IT department doesn’t have to. This reduces the amount of time IT needs to spend on maintaining the devices, allowing for better use of company resources.
  4. Flexibility: Because an organization doesn’t have to make a commitment, this offer is perfect for organizations that do not need Chromebooks for long periods of time, want to try out mobility solutions before making a permanent purchase, those businesses that hire many seasonal, temporary, or contract employees, and fast growing startups who want to engage in BYOD and may not have the capital to invest in ownership right away.

When purchasing computers for your business isn’t the right move, renting can prove a practical alternative. By offering a no commitment option for their Chromebooks, Google offers up a new strategy for those organizations that want to remain competitive and current with their mobility solutions while having different needs. Security and data backup are still important, as holds true for any device on your network. Does your organization have a mobility policy do go along with Google's Chromebooks?

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