Are Managed Services Right for Your Organization?

msftone_blog38-100594015-primary.idge.pngGiven the tough economic times, companies are finding an affordable solution in outsourcing work in order to reduce time and financial consumption in areas other than their core competencies. For companies located in big cities of the world, there may come a time when firms would like to outsource a part of their IT infrastructure to a Managed Service Provider for maintaining and supporting their network infrastructure. Arguably one of the financial centers of the world, New York, is one such metropolis which has a large number of companies, all looking for ways to reduce spending and workload as much as possible.

Managed services mainly are used to outsource day-to-day responsibilities of IT management to improve operational efficiency. Common managed service needs include data recovery and back up of data, patch management, alerts and security - this includes outsourcing lifecycle maintenance as well as production support. Gone are the days when one internal team takes care of the complete IT functions of a firm.

The most efficient way to evaluate your IT infrastructure is by working with a trusted vendor to conduct an assessment of your network. The assessment will give you a good base for making an informed decision when considering if managed service is right for you.

Factors to consider before outsourcing

A number of factors should be considered before choosing a Managed Service Provider. These can include the number of data centers and their functions, the number of users relying on their resources, the percentage of virtualized servers, the number of servers, as well as their age, processing capabilities, service packs and operating systems.

Also, companies should verify the software and applications in use in the organization and the reliance on customized software. The availability of information in hand can immensely help in making the right decision. Deciding how to best manage IT services should be done with a long term view in mind, and considered alongside a strategic assessment of the organization’s weaknesses and strengths. Some things to consider are the need for the network to support mobile workers and the role of video conferencing in company communication.

Different solutions for different companies

Every company will require a customizable solution, as each business has specific requirements and complexities. Managed Service is a cost effective solution for most businesses, and it is equally as important to select the right provider as selecting the appropriate services to outsource.

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