Beware...London's WiFi has Serious IT Security Issues

IT SecurityInternet is becoming a common hub everywhere. As the world goes mobile, wireless connectivity in public spaces becomes increasingly popular. The evolution of wireless technology brings along with it various security related issues. Cities worldwide face numerous opportunities daily of threats to their IT security.

So, are they ready or are they not?  According to Sophos, it looks highly unlikely. They have uncovered the vulnerability of the security system of the world’s most expensive city, London. The war biking experiment, using a bike fitted with solar panels and dynamos, was conducted to check for vulnerabilities in wireless networks while riding around public areas. It found that one in every four connections had poor security.  

Glaring data shows vulnerability
It is the age of cyber crime, some would say, and with almost nine percent of networks using default networks or no names, it is easier to break into such systems. A lack of awareness is clearly evident as any wireless device can be configured to gain access to a secure wireless network. This allows the opportunity to infultrate the user’s machine through control of the network. The loophole is evident: with over nineteen percent of people using WEP encryption, an obsolete technology, WEP passwords can be cracked in a few minutes.

WPA2 encryption is the minimum amount of security one should have along with a strong password. It is imperative for businesses to have anomaly detection capabilities and appropriate configuration management in order to protect sensitive data.

Also, wireless routers come with a default network name called service set identification, or SSID, which most people do not bother changing. This actually helps hackers by speeding up the process of cracking your passwords.

Some steps for better IT security
A custom SSID can go a long way in protecting your network against misuse. Some of the companies provide packaged solutions which can help in a better security.

Some steps which can be taken to protect your wireless network include configuring it for using WPA2, altering your default SSID, and using a secure password. Findings like security in about twenty-seven percent of wireless connections being compromised in one of the best developed cities of the world is a shocking revelation. It is vital to know that the increase in the computing power would automatically result in four fold increase in the attack methods, and to react accordingly.

IT security is of utmost importance considering the number of wireless connections available in the city and their fragile tethers. Consider reading this guide "The 6 Do's and Don'ts of Choosing the Right IT Provider" to help with your IT security needs.

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