Don't Choose Cloud Computing Until You Read This:

Cloud SolutionsCloud computing has proved advantageous in the function of business and personal data storage. But are all cloud services equal? Are there any major cons, security risks or IT concerns that need to be assessed? If you are a CIO or IT professional who is looking for a hosted cloud in Cherry Hill or the greater Philadelphia area, it’s important to research and vet any cloud service provider you consider. Do not select a cloud solution until you read the following tips.

Finding the right cloud provider

When considering cloud solutions and choosing a provider, follow these three tips:

1. Cloud computing isn’t for every business. Is cloud computing truly the best solution in both economy and functionality? The value of the cloud value varies from one company to another, depending on your network. Success with cloud services relies on many factors including a company’s business model, continuity, compliance needs, risk management needs, and the physical location of your workforce. For example, if a business is based in New Jersey or New York, finding a hosted cloud in Cherry Hill or another nearby hotspot would be a smart decision because of the proximity.

2. Do your homework. Relevant examples of successful cloud service deployment should be sought before a decision to jump into the cloud is made. Does the cloud vendor have awards? Good testimonials? A legitimate vendor will gladly reference existing clients for customer testimonials. Also, be sure that the vendor is flexible and will be able to meet your needs.

3. Consider the end result. Will the vendor truly reduce the technology complexity of the company? Will it streamline processes and increase security and productivity? Careful consideration should be given to how a cloud service will improve the continuity of your business.

What to do when in the cloud

If the decision is made to move to the cloud, follow these three tips to keep your data safe once it's shifted.

1. Data Encryption. Data should always be encrypted. For example, if a company in New York stored its data in a hosted cloud in Cherry Hill, the easy way to ensure the transfer of data is not compromised is to encrypt it.

2. Backup. Backup. Backup. Data stored in the cloud is still located on a physical server. If these servers fail, there can be devastating loss. So if a New York company backs up all data stored in a hosted cloud in Cherry Hill, there is always an easy way to recover it. Even think about multiple clouds to be sure the data is backed up. Maybe choose a hosted cloud in Cherry Hill and another in Philadelphia.

3. Be sure of safety tools. Not all cloud services are the same, so proper consideration should be given to any security tools used by the cloud service provider. Is the provider also encrypting data? How? The more safety tools in place, the safer data will be in the cloud.

Cloud computing is an important advancement in technology, and a good cloud service can have many long term advantages. But before diving into the cloud, research multiple providers. 

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