What's the Hype about Cloud Solutions?

Advances in technology and other IT solutions provide companies with a plethora of storage options to choose from. Especially for small and medium size companies, these advances have opened up a lot of avenues to streamline IT infrastructure. The ability to customize solutions and choose vendors with the right expertise, while reaping the cost benefits, is the primary reason that small and medium size companies should opt for these new IT solutions.

Cloud storage solutions have been around for over a decade; however the recent upsurge in the demand for these solutions is due to the improvements in technology and the cost models that are offered by IT service providers today. The major benefits of adopting a cloud storage solution are very many and widely recognized.

7 top benefits of cloud storage solutions are:

• Cost effective solutions that can be paid for in increments as pay per use services
• Increased data storage capability
• Automated solutions that reduce the need for constant software updating
• Cloud storage and computing give you additional flexibility
• Cloud computing allows personnel to access information irrespective of their physical location
• These solutions allow IT consultants to shift focus onto developmental issues rather than on the server and software updates
• Over head costs of payroll, administration and training of in house IT personnel is substantially reduced

The benefits enjoyed by your company by adopting cloud solutions, be it SaaS, IaaS or PaaS are substantial and quite tangible. Using cloud storage systems and cloud infrastructure allows for streamlining of business process flow and for standardization of activities to a large extent. Reducing the in house IT burden, partnering with IT service providers allows for a larger knowledge pool in addressing and solving potential problems.

There are some benefits of Virtualization of the IT infrastructure through cloud storage that most companies do not realize.

4 benefits of cloud storage that may go unnoticed are:

• You will have an opportunity to identify and categorize critical business processes and increase the utilization and efficiency of these processes
• You can recognize processes in the business that can be standardized and use the cloud storage to identify areas where wasted resources can be avoided
• The move to cloud storage solutions can give you an outlook of the potential risks involved in the operations and allow for a risk mitigation plan to be put in place
Cloud computing has also helped environmentally – They allow for consumption of lesser energy and increase in efficiency by almost 90%. They also improve the computer energy efficiencies. Duplicate data centers have been controlled to a large extent with the help of cloud storage.

Cloud computing can benefit your organization substantially when you consider the big picture. However, it is not without its risks.

The 2 biggest risks of cloud solutions are:

• Confidential data from your organization will be handled by a third party
• The infrastructure and solutions will become redundant if your service provider fails.

These risks can, however, be mitigated by ensuring that all service providers are closely weighed and their competence, experience, clientele and policies are clearly judged. Choosing the right IT service provider is the most important task when you are moving onto a cloud storage solution. If you are able to find the right fit for the needs of your company, the benefits that you can real are boundless. 

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