Common Applications for Staff Augmentation

Staff AugmentationYour primary focus in the development of your business is naturally on decisions and strategies that ensure that your business goals and objectives are met. Any and all operational decisions may divert your attention away from these issues and may seem like a waste of time. Most companies face the challenge of acquiring skilled and flexible manpower willing to work on a short term or temporary basis. If you are leading a smaller company, this staffing issue may seem like a big problem and may eat into time and resources that could be better spent. Staff augmentation is the service that you should undertake to eliminate unnecessary wastage of resources and also to streamline your business while at the same time procuring skilled manpower.

The 5 biggest advantages of staff augmentation are as follows:

• Effective in cost and time management
• Provides flexibility to manage scale
• Provides access to skilled and experienced manpower
• Reduces most overhead costs (insurance, perks, benefits, paid leave, etc.)
• Makes the organization structure more stable

More and more companies are opting for outsourcing solutions because of the significant reduction in costs, the increase in productivity and the flexibility that it provides the company. Also if your company requires scaling its manpower up or down based on project status then staff augmentation is the ideal option for you. Making the use of IT staffing companies that specialize in Staff Augmentation services can be beneficial for you in the long term.

2 further reasons for outsourcing staff augmentation services are:
• It gives you more leverage and access to better technology. Keeping employees with technological know how in all areas can be a huge burden on the payroll of your organization.
• It allows you to expand your reach across borders by decentralizing the demand and the supply of qualified IT personnel.

Additional IT services like cloud computing, cloud storage, remote monitoring and other managed services can help to streamline your business and increase productivity and efficiency of operations. Subsequently, there is also a marked reduction in fixed one time costs and scalability of your organization can be increased. There is no single optimal combination of solutions for all businesses; the services you need depend on the business goals, the business model, growth plans, business continuity plans and various other factors that need to be analyzed before an IT service model may be agreed on.

Despite the many benefits, some downsizes of staff augmentation do exist.
• Despite close monitoring of the service provider, the quality of service is never a guarantee. There is no penalty that can be imposed; all you can do is replace the IT service provider.
• Since staff augmentation is all about getting skilled personnel only for the time needed, it is a challenge to bring on the same personnel again and again for similar projects.
• In the long run the total costs of staff augmentation may be expensive. However, the costs are spread over time and may not add too large a burden on your organization.

In order to gain the most out of staff augmentation services, you need to understand the needs of your business and also evaluate vendors based on these needs. Past track records, client base, experience and expertise of the IT service providers must be closely mapped and only then must you select a provider for your business. This will allow you to maximize the benefits of staff augmentation and also to mitigate the few risks involved.

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