Again...Yahoo Passwords Hacked!

yahoo IT security breachThe internet giant Yahoo has once again been subjected to a hacking by the group that calls itself D33D. This time around, over 450,000 usernames and passwords of Yahoo users has been downloaded and posted on the internet for the world to see. The hackers left behind a note that they mean this as a wake up call to IT security professionals in these companies so that they do not remain vulnerable to further attacks. Yahoo was not the only company affected by the hack; data from other big players like Gmail, Verizon, AOL, Hotmail and MSN have also had user data stolen. This kind of a scenario poses serious questions about whether enough is being done to protect user information and if so then why are such repeated threats presenting themselves.

How can you protect yourself?

Most would believe that hackers target bigger and more prominent companies, however, statistically it is more likely for smaller companies to become prey to hackers. There are some basic measures that companies in Boston can undertake on their own or in collaboration with an IT security company in Boston to safeguard against such attacks.

Install a firewall: Firewalls prevent unauthorized traffic and data flow from the internet onto your company network. This reduces the chance for hackers to access confidential information. It is, therefore, recommended that the first step to your network security begin with the installation of a firewall

Train your employees: Two aspects must be considered in this respect. Not all employees must be given access to all data. Clearance levels must be defined and access granted only when necessary. Secondly, based on the nature of data each employee has access to, he/she must be trained in the usage and protection of this data.

Implement a corporate security policy: A corporate security policy that details the criteria for usage, transfer and storage of data must be implemented. Criteria for passwords, sharing information, consequences for wrongful conduct, etc. should all be part of the policy.

Anti-virus: Using an antivirus is important to use an updated anti-virus and program your server to send out these updates to all the systems in the network. Employees must be educated about the consequences of viruses and the ways in which they can be contacted.

Conduct a vulnerability test: Conducting a test to measure the safety of your network is a good way to identify areas of improvement and other limitations in your security system. The easiest and most effective method for conducting a vulnerability test is to provide access of your network to the IT consultants from iCorps Technologies for a few days so that areas of weakness may be identified and corrective measures can be implemented.

Apart from the above mentioned standard measures, it is advisable to empanel the services of an IT security company so that you will have the benefit of additional specialized knowledge and expertise. There are unique security needs in every company and understanding the measures to be taken for these needs is not an easy task. iCorps consultants use their extensive experience to understand the needs of the client and can be a better judge of how well a given measure may work in a particular circumstance.

Network security for your company is of utmost importance and a partnership with a reputable IT security company can get you a long way in accomplishing that.


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