IT Service: The Time is Right to Switch to a Managed Service Provider

Managed ServicesYour IT department is reliable and hardworking. They maintain your services and operations, fix issues as they occur, and when they can, focus on projects to improve service both internally and externally. But given all the hats that they have to wear, maybe it would be more efficient for them, and beneficial to your organization overall, if they could focus on forward-looking projects rather than mostly putting out fires. One worthwhile useful way to do this is to use a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Using an MSP, your organization can outsource certain functions of your business to a knowledgeable third-party company so that your employees can focus on growing your business.

Here are four reasons why it may be right for your organization to switch to an MSP for IT managed services: 

  • Reduce IT costs: If your organization is one where your IT department spends a great amount of their time resolving issues, then switching to an MSP can reduce your costs spent on IT. Your MSP can focus on fixing day-to-day issues and IT managed services so that your IT department can focus on streamlining operations and making your networks function more efficiently.
  • Increased reliability: Assuming that your IT department has to split their time among unravelling problems, restoring data, and developing new projects, letting an MSP deal with the daily operations can ensure that any issues are addressed more expediently, and with continued exposure, increased reliability as well. Working continually means working responsibly – they will understand your business and can fix problems, perform updates, streamline services, and provide business continuity.
  • Better focus on business: Because your MSP will be focussing on issues and daily functions, your IT department can turn their attention to clients and servicing them better. And that means better news for your bottom line.
  • Better security and network management: When focus is concentrated on only certain operations, then chances are, those operations will be attended to with more knowledge and savvy. Using an MSP as a business strategy for your IT managed services can enhance your security and network management – they can focus their time and energy on researching and implementing security mechanisms to safeguard your firewalls, and therefore, your data, leaving your staff to look ahead to the future.

Your staff, especially your IT department, understands your business better than anyone. But that also means that they spend more time addressing issues as well as undertaking new projects. If you could offload the issues and current operations and let your IT department work on their new projects, your business could leap miles ahead of your competition. Switching to a reliable MSP provider could be the answer that you need. Contact a local, trusted MSP provider like iCorps for more information about how switching can save costs and advance your business at the same time. 

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