Cloud Computing Strategy Revealed by Department of Defense

Cloud SolutionsThe Department of Defense has recently launched their new 4-step cloud computing strategy and appointed the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) as the dedicated broker who will oversee all purchases and ensure that the operation is safe, productive, on track and well maintained. Despite the size of the operation and the huge investments that it will call for, the department is looking to take advantage of the new and cutting edge technology developments that will enable them to enhance their cloud storage capabilities. The Department, through the 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT Management, aims to increase their effectiveness, productivity and efficiency and also maintain a workforce of highly skilled IT professionals who will keep the IT cloud storage and other solution up to date.

Public and Private Equanimity

What the private sector has known and has been effectively implementing is now also becoming a government initiative to boost up the security and effectiveness of the way IT is managed. The Department of Defense is now looking to partner with and learn from the measures that have already been successfully been implemented by many companies in the private sector. Through the analyses of the system and the market and technology, 4 basic steps have been identified by the Department of Defense to implement the new cloud storage strategy:

• Fostering the implementation of cloud computing
• Optimizing the data center consolidation
• Creating an enterprise cloud infrastructure for the department
• Delivering cloud services

Through this plan, the Department of Defense can move from its current cumbersome, expensive and obsolete model to a more effective and operationally efficient model of cloud storage and cloud computing.

The Flip Side of the DoD’s Cloud Storage Plan

There are various factors that could lead this strategy into being a failure or at least cause hindrances in the progress of the strategy implementation. Depending on the same IT companies that have taken care of the IT service requirements may prove to be a bad decision on the part of the department of Defense. Also, despite the vocally positive responses to the Department’s plan to revamp and change the IT strategy, it is a possibility that the implementation may not be quite as professed. IT service providers may rely on outdated technology and thus defy the purpose of the project. Careful monitoring and constant vigilance will be needed if this task of moving the Departments IT storage to cloud storage and cloud computing is to be accomplished.

Be it from the point of view of the Department of defense or from a company, what you have to realize is that IT services and the need for greater and more advanced security measures with respect to IT is ever evolving and ever increasing. Hence, it is crucial to identify the needs and requirements of your business and be on the lookout for forward looking and innovative IT cloud storage and data service providers. Having the right outlook and approach combined with IT service providers who are committed and dedicated will go a long way in furthering the growth of your business.

It is arguably the only way to go for a business looking to survive and grow in an environment that is so volatile and filled with ever emerging threats and complications. It is of primary importance to find the right IT service provider for the growth and betterment of your business.

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