IT Security: Avoid Getting Hacked Like Yahoo with These 3 Steps

IT securityThe recent Yahoo password breach has sent shock waves across internet users because of the sheer volume in which usernames and passwords were posted online. With half a million usernames and passwords stolen and freely available on the internet for download, IT security is no longer just a grudge purchase. Many companies have now realized that IT security must be of utmost importance and it needs to be a part of the culture of the organization so that it may be implemented effectively.

Why You Need IT Security

Information, any and all information, is the lifeblood of your organization. Most business leaders fail to realize this fact, which is why it is becoming commonplace for malicious figures to hack and make public confidential and critical information. Despite the burden of all the organizational decisions that take precedence over security issues, you need to address IT security as a priority, this is one risk you cannot afford to ignore any longer.

Data breaches can be detrimental at huge levels for your business in many respects. The new R&D breakthrough you have had is not private unless you take the required measures to make it so; your employee records are not private. If you do have the misfortune to get hacked, the cost of fines and investigations will prove to be much more expensive than the cost you would have to ensure to keep your information private. In the case of IT security, it is not a question of whether a breach could occur, but when it will occur.

Don’t ignore “IT”

Another issue with managing IT security internally is the "fit it and forget it" attitude. The hackers and the technology being used are continuously evolving, so it goes to say that you need to continually revamp your security measures to negate any threat that might appear at a given time. Just complying with regulations is not the solution either. To ensure IT security for your business, you need to first determine the threats that may be posed to your business in particular. No two businesses are the same and so no two IT solutions can be so.

3 Ways to Ensure Effective IT Security:

• Identify risk areas and define control measures
• Implement the control measures and define data management procedures
• Monitor and audit on a regular basis

To undertake the task of IT security management for your company, especially if you are a small to mid -sized company, may seem a herculean task given your limited resources. To put these resources to good use and at the same time get the results you would hope for, iCorps is an IT service provider that you can rely on. From business risk analysis, identity management and governance, cloud solutions, creation of security policies, training, encryption of data, tracking assets and all the other IT security issues you want to deal with, iCorps is the company for you to partner with.

Your company is susceptible at any given time to external threats of hacking and even internal user misuse. To safeguard the interests of your business and your information, rely on a reputable IT company.

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