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IT ConsultingThe speed with which technology has been developing the world over is awe inspiring. From bulky and inconvenient desktops to computers that can now fit in the palm of your hand, the future of machines in 2012 and beyond, is without a doubt extraordinarily bright. When we consider the support side of this system, we can arrive at conclusions about the kind of growth and development that IT service companies can expect in 2012. The future of IT consulting can only be one of growth and evolution going hand in hand with the growth of technology.

Mobile Industry Growth
In the last decade the growth of mobile phones and other devices has been phenomenal. Information technology consulting experts correctly expect mobile software to thrive throughout 2012 and even beyond that. Based on research and surveys conducted, it is estimated that tablets and PCs will increase to almost 500 million numbers each by the end of the year 2015. Considering the sheer volume of growth expected in this industry, it is a small wonder that smart phones and tablets are going to feature prominently in the future of technology.

When we relate this boom in the industry to IT consulting and outsourcing services, they can expect to have a relatively equal growth in the demand for mobile software development and other solutions. Mobile applications are among the most widely popular software that IT consulting firms will be in demand for. Software ranging from file retrieval to analytics will be required in mobile phones and tablets. Considering the plans and feasibility for small and medium companies to purchase and use smart phones and tablets, it will be essential for IT consulting firms to align with the software requirements this will pose. A major area of focus for IT firms will have to be security for the new mobile phones and tablets that are soon to take over the market.

Cloud Computing Still Trending
Data storage has always been the primary factor of concern in the years of technology development. Getting creative is the order of the day for companies that are dealing with large amounts of data and finding new and innovative methods of data storage is important. The trend of Cloud storage, moving onto remote servers and expanding the bandwidth, continues to expand in 2012 with increased speed. Considering the fact that Cloud computing and storage offers benefits not just to companies that deal in substantially large amounts of data but to companies of a relatively smaller size too; more and more companies will shift to cloud computing. IT consulting companies will need to focus on solutions that optimize data administration, governance and security

Virtualization with Cloud Computing
Combining virtualization, using multiple servers on a single machine, and cloud computing, storing data remotely and accessing it via a network, are two technologies that will be optimized by using them in a combination to improve data storage and governance. It consulting firms that successfully provide this combination will provide greater efficiency and at the same time a drastic reduction in costs.
With the vast volumes of development as yet expected in 2012, IT consulting and services in all areas are expected to expand proportionally. And with the cost effective solutions that are expected to be developed, all companies no matter the size of operations, can take advantage of these services to meet regulatory requirements and at the same time streamline their operations. 

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