IT Outsourcing Provides Solution for Applicant Fraud Issue

9/11/12 10:35 AM Gaynor Hay Outsourced IT

IT Outsourcing‘Trust but verify’ is an adage that dates from the heady days of the Cold War when the US and the USSR sought to find ways to cooperate on nuclear arms reductions.  The phrase is now becoming current again, however, thanks to a pressing challenge that is particularly difficult for small businesses to surmount: falsified IT risk management qualifications.  According to experts in the employment-screening world, job applicants merely used to exaggerate small details on their resumes.  This might involve changing a job title to one sounding like it carried slightly more responsibility or overstating the length of their tenure at a particular company.

Now, however, job applicants are increasingly making up false items in their quest to land a position.  Unfortunately, for businesses in need of excellent security for their networks and computer systems, IT security applicants sometimes list degrees and certifications they do not possess.  Many small businesses lack the kinds of resources needed to perform the extremely thorough checks that may be needed to combat this form of fraud, yet simply taking an applicant's word for such matters is hardly an acceptable solution.  Even in the smallest of firms, inadequate IT security provisions can lead to serious losses in terms of both finances and reputation.

Employment expert Les Rosen explains the scope of the problem in more detail: "When employers receive applications, up to 40 percent or even more go beyond the boundaries of merely putting yourself in the best light or putting your best foot forward beyond just puffery, and cross the bounds into the realm of fiction, [of] people making things up.  We see that people will tell lies about real schools or tell the truth about fake schools - you see both.  You see that people have gone to schools and did not graduate or don't have the degree they claimed, or they'll claim degrees, worthless degrees from diploma mills."

One possible solution to this dilemma is for SMBs to get away from the applicant screening responsibilities entirely.  Although it is possible to hire a firm to perform the function in a small company's stead, an even better approach is to stop relying on in-house staff entirely.  By moving to an outsourced IT model for its support and security needs, a small company can have access to the resources and expertise inherent to an entire IT company.  For IT support Boston needs, the best choice is a local firm such as iCorps.

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