Private Networks Beat Public When it Comes to Cloud Solutions

private cloud solutions

Odds are if you aren't one of the million cloud users already, you've figured out that this whole cloud computing trend is probably worth looking into. One of the first things you'll run across when you begin your search for information is the choice between public versus private clouds. Sure, each of these cloud types has its own advantages. But when you look at all the angles and filter each solution using your specific needs, you may reach the same conclusion as many other SMBs; a private cloud computing network is safer and more reliable in the long run than a public one.

People often reach this conclusion because public cloud solutions really do have disadvantages when you use them in a normal business setting. When you're on a public, or internet-based, network, you're sharing all resources with potentially everybody else in the world. You've probably already seen the results of this in operation. Most of us have a Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail account of some kind. These are examples of public cloud computing, and if you've used one of these services for long at all, you've probably run into times when the service runs really slowly. This happens when too many people at once are logging on to use it.

Now, translate that effect into software that may be a lot more mission-critical for you than email. Imagine your core applications running via the cloud... Your employees can access them from anywhere - good. Now, imagine that the servers hosting those applications get busy with demands from the other businesses who may be accessing other programs that run on those very same servers. Your employees may be left out in the cold, waiting for important data, unable to get through their day's work in a timely manner.

Performance is not the only IT support problem that tends to go along with public networks. IT security also has to be considered. A private network, especially when it's properly secure using a managed services approach, is much less vulnerable to certain kinds of attacks that can bring down servers. These include DOS (denial of service) attacks, often used to take down public services that run over the internet. In a private network, your business will have a greater level of influence over issues like anti-virus and encryption on the server itself.

Cloud computing is a hotly debated solution in today's business world. With many benefits and arguably as many drawbacks, there is no right or wrong answer to which is better without doing the research with your specific needs in mind. An educated and experienced IT company can assist in this process.

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