Rethink Everything You Know About IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services SupportIT managed services may make you think you are handing the keys to a critical part of your organization to an unknown party. You may also think its overly expensive and that you can't actively see the value that this third party is providing in the background.  Put these thoughts at rest as we look into the real value IT managed services can provide your organization.

IT Managed Services Cuts Costs

Managed services specializes at providing turn-key solutions that are known to work based on typical challenges organizations face everyday. These solutions are typically lower-costing that are dependable and simply work well. Contrast this with developing a customized solution or taking the risk at purchasing a product from a third party with wild claims on how well their product works, which turns out to be a dud. Managed services ensures you are getting tried-and-tested solutions that get the job done efficiently.

Compliance Challenges Are Met

Many small & medium-sized businesses struggle at meeting IT compliance standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the HIPAA, subjecting themselves to unnecessary risk and fines.  Managed services already have the experience, knowledge and skill required to meet these compliance standards while managing their impact to your organization more efficiently. In short, this lets your business focus where it needs to without reducing the concern as to whether your organization remains compliant. 

Your Architecture Quickly Becomes Obsolete

The IT landscape is continually in flux and a solution today can quickly become obsolete in just a short time. Businesses with limited budgets can find themselves left behind as more advanced technology becomes available on the market. The same advanced technology that your competition uses.

On the other hand, IT managed services arms your business with the latest technology and solutions at a fraction of the cost. This shines through as your business can provide more advanced and efficient delivery to your own clients.

Dependable IT Infrastructure

Maintaining an on-site IT department opens a host of challenges including ensuring efficient staffing during busy periods. If managed incorrectly this can lead to overworked staff and compromise the quality and deliverables of the department.

In comparison, a managed service provides you with a dependable department that scales itself at ensuring it provides you with the best possible service by efficiently scaling with your business needs. You have accountability with each of your daily challenges while reducing overhead when times do not warrant having the same amount of staff.

IT Managed Services Yields Full & Comprehensive Solutions

Internal IT staff are typically busy enough concentrating on fixing daily issues that arise. Rather than plan ahead at finding solutions that over time will provide a more efficient department, instead they are putting out fires. This results in a department laced with inefficient operations leading to slow and error-ridden solutions, not to mention unhappy staff resulting in high turnover.

Managed solutions, though, provides you with the opportunity to have strategists at your side seeing the big picture of how your organization operates. They can design and implement solutions that meet your business' needs without the concern of turnover and staff being caught up in inefficient work

We've looked at just several of the reasons why being provided with IT managed services can make your organization a much leaner operation. While saving the daily IT challenges & headaches, it lets you able to focus on other business challenges that are revenue-producing. If you haven't considered IT managed services in the past, perhaps now is the time to evaluate the potential time & cost-savings it can provide your organization. 

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