Dell Acquires Quest: Implications for SMBs

7/24/12 7:30 AM Eva Jacob IT Services, IT Security

Dell and IT servicesSmall and medium-sized businesses that partner with managed services providers, which leverage IT solutions from Dell, may want to know more about the recent decision by Dell to acquire the software company Quest, a business entity completely distinct from the telecommunications company Qwest.

In recent years, Quest has purchased and incorporated into itself a number of useful software solutions including vRanger virtualization backup, BakBone, and vKernel. All of these are components that can help SMBs meet a variety of needs including data loss prevention. By acquiring Quest, Dell now brings all of these components and solutions under one umbrella, opening up the possibility for improved integration of Dell hardware with these and other software tools.

Managed services providers that partner with Dell will thus have a wider range of strategies at their immediate disposal. This is all to the good for small businesses, which often rely on a managed services model for IT support in order to meet their tech support needs in an efficient manner that takes into account the cost limitations under which small firms need to operate.

Thanks to its acquisition of Quest, Dell will be able to offer managed services providers enhanced tools and solutions for a variety of needs. These include database management tools that make use of SQLserver as well as new programs to accomplish data protection in both the physical and virtual realms. Performance monitoring was another focus area for Quest, which specialized in the monitoring of both infrastructure and applications.

Tools of great interest to the end user will also come to Dell as a part of the Quest acquisition. Specifically, IT solutions that enhance the management of user workspaces will come under the Dell umbrella, along with programs related to access and identity management. These have great implications for improving not only IT security but also assisting with issues of privacy and compliance.

Dell is no doubt getting a great deal of value from the acquisition of Quest, but that is as it should be since the purchase is in the $2 billion range. Dell, of course, is not the only entity that stands to benefit. Because managed services providers such as iCorps frequently partner with Dell to provide affordable and effective solutions to small businesses, SMBs may also ultimately reap benefits from the acquisition.

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