Are Anti-Virus Programs Really Keeping You Safe Online?

As any organization knows, you need to protect your networks, computers, email, and any confidential information – which is virtually everything you produce – safe from corruption or intrusion. There are many ways that a company can implement IT security, and one of those ways can be to install anti-virus software on every device you have.

Anti-virus software is a measure of IT security, but is it worth installing on – or removing from - mobile devices and cloud computing networks for mid-size companies? Below are eight points to consider about whether your anti-virus software is keeping your data safe and whether such programs are worth it: 
  1. In the know: Anti-virus software can seem like a catch-all phrase. What is anti-virus software and what can it do? It is code that can recognize any sort of intrusion into any system that has the anti-virus software on it. Not just viruses, it can protect against Trojans, spyware, malware, key loggers – the attacks you want to prevent. 
  2. Everyone has a weak moment: You would think that your employees know enough to open up an attachment from an unknown source, but everyone has a down moment. Sometimes that email looks genuine. Of course, your organization will be threatened by more than the typical lurking email attachment, but you need to protect against all possibilities.
  3. They won’t catch everything: No, one anti-virus software program won’t protect against every type of attack. Does that mean your devices shouldn’t have anti-virus software installed? Definitely not. You can choose the anti-virus software that is appropriate for each type of device that exists in your organization to ensure that best protection possible. Adjust for the situation and potential threat and you have reduced your risk. 
  4. Affordability: Anti-virus software is an affordable solution to protect data – some are even free. Regardless of your company’s size or budget, there is a solution that fits your needs. 
  5. Part of the plan: Should anti-virus software be your only measure of security? Certainly not. But it is one of the valid solutions that your company should incorporate into your overall IT security managed services to reduce any types of threats that exist. 
  6. Awareness: The great thing about anti-virus software is that it keeps you and your IT department informed about the latest threats that have occurred, not necessarily to you, but to others. It also provides a forum for listing any threats that your organization may have encountered. Awareness is one of the keys to prevention even when your anti-virus software cannot. 
  7. IT compliance: As any mid-size company knows, you need to stay current with IT best practices and policies. By documenting that anti-virus software has been installed and is kept current with the latest upgrades, any potential client will realize that your organization is not only serious about confidentiality and security, but that you are willing to back up that claim. 
  8. Productivity: One final aspect about anti-virus software is that it allows your employees to be more productive – your main staff can focus on their work without issues arising, and your IT staff can minimize the amount of time dealing with the consequences of a cyber attack and therefore maintain your business continuity.

Be assured - computer viruses will attempt to infiltrate and attack your networks, so it' best to be prepared. Assessing your risk of attack and determining the solutions that match your organizational needs is the first step. Contact iCorps Technologies, a leader in developing layered security that minimizes the risk of a successful attack, who will help you determine the anti-virus and IT security solutions that are right for you and your organization.

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