Are You Ready for Mobile Application Management?

Citrix Systems CloudGateway 2According to Jesse Lipson, Vice President and Data Sharing General Manager for virtualization leader Citrix, the company's main plan for the smartphone and tablet market is to leverage its web interface, CloudGateway 2, to provide applications to mobile devices, including full support for native HTML 5, iOS and Android apps.  Lipson acknowledges, however, that many companies are not yet ready for the MAM (mobile application management) paradigm.  Instead, small and medium-sized businesses are just beginning to dip their toes into mobile workflow by adopting MDM (mobile device management) systems.

To meet this need, the CloudGateway platform will be going through some changes.  "CloudGateway will probably be adding in some lightweight MDM kind of management, like device authentication, some things like that, just because we can't totally wait for the market to catch up and understand that MAM is really more the wave of the future," commented Lipson.  He added: "I personally think that the approach CloudGateway has taken, that's going to be the best approach a couple years from now, but we need to also look at the world of today and throw some occasional MDM features in…You don't want to lose the market."

According to research by Cisco Systems, 65% of employees work from multiple locations and more and more employers are starting to acknowledge that with 64% of firms in Europe and the U.S. providing more mobility support to employees. Additionally, 28% to 31% of those firms are also supporting more mobile applications, thereby creating greater necessity for IT solutions like CloudGateway 2.

In previous decades, when companies provided employees with mobile devices, the standard agreement was that that employee had complete control over the devices' functions and data. The concern, however, especially with more companies moving to the Cloud, is that business owners are not taking into consideration the IT security risks that unsecure mobile devices provide.

The solution to this paradigm is to adopt a Managed Programs' model that provides ongoing IT security and reporting to ensure the health and security of your systems. In this model, you'll receive the 24/7/365 monitoring needed to keep your systems safe, unlimited help desk support, on-site scheduled maintenance visits, and more to ensure your data is kept safe whether your employees are in the office, or on the go. To get started, contact an iCorps Technologies representative today!


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